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If you're talented and looking for a job, contact us here:
If you're looking for talent, contact us here:

The Old Bakery Building,

Townshend Street,







create  a  future  in West Cork
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Talentspace is an exciting new initiative that we have just launched in the Ludgate Hub. The idea is to create a new database which will encompass all of the talent that West Cork and our international diaspora currently has to offer in order to attract inward investment and showcase to employers the rich talent pool that they will have to choose from should they decide to locate their business in West Cork.


Why is it important?

International companies are constantly seeking alternative places to locate, we try our best to showcase what West Cork has to offer but the missing link is an inventory of available talent.

The platform we have designed will allow members to login and create a profile which will then be available to view by companies that choose to locate here. The creation of this platform will provide agencies like the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and our international contacts a solid rationale to locate their enterprise in West Cork.


Why should I join?

If you are a skilled manager abroad looking to offer mentoring or freelance hours, a recent graduate looking to join a platform of connected professionals or if you are just looking to freelance from time to time this is the platform for you! 


If you would like to be part of this platform please sign up below and we encourage you to share the site on your LinkedIn, Social Media and email circles to help us populate the database even further.


We look forward to connecting the talent pool of the West Cork community, which will further reiterate to investors and employers alike that West Cork is the best platform to locate their business in 2017 and beyond.

Check out our talent data base full of talent from creative designers to Project managers.
SKILLS TALENTSPACE members can offer ludgate members and start-ups (%)

TalentSpace aims to connect local skills and talent with local jobs. We want to create a talent pool that showcases the broad range of talent on offer in West Cork, and connect this talent with local employers. So whether you are someone who is looking for a job, or an employer trying to find the perfect fit for your company - TalentSpace is for you!

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